The conceptualization of beauty as we become older

According to statistics, people get lose approximately 100 strands of hair on a daily basis. This is something which happens to the growth cycle of human beings, which actually lasts up to 6 years.

Hair can fall out, and will eventually grow back in a span of twelve weeks. Of course, some people actually end up losing more than just a hundred strands, and don’t even get to see their hair grow back.

The truth is, baldness has become somewhat of a common problem nowadays. While some are perfectly fine with this occurring, others see it as a detriment to their self esteem.

They would rather sport long flowing locks of hair instead of looking as if they went through chemotherapy. There are certainly more and more people suffering from hair loss, and they may not even be aware of that at all.

Some people don’t see the sign until it’s all too late. However, for those who wish to find treatment for this condition, they might have to find out what the different types of hair loss are.

Below are those different types to be aware of.

  • First, there’s “androgenetic alopecia.” These is more commonly known as pattern baldness, and are suffered by people who have rather weak hair, they may also have a much slower hair growth rate compared to others, and the tissues in the hair follicles aren’t developing as fast as it should. This type of hair loss is often caused by genetic make up and will be inherited from one generation to another.
  • Second, there’s cicatricial alopecia. This is a type of hair loss which is often attributed to the inflammation of the skin on the scalp. Any inflammation which occurs on that particular area can lead to the hair follicles suffering, thus becoming scar tissue. Because of the development of said scar tissue, there is no chance that any new strands of hair will grow. This is a type of alopecia which is caused by a number of medical conditions, including lichen planus and lupus erythematosis. Many experts in the field of medicine and science still can’t completely figure out what causes this inflammation to occur.
  • Third is alopecia areata. This is a kind of hair loss which stems from the immune system. While this is the scientific name given to this disorder, nobody really knows what the exact cause of this problem is. A lot of scientists have said that people who get to suffer from this type of hair loss are known to be of good health, and may actually be derived from genetic problems. This includes thyroid diseases and even some viruses which infect the immune system.
  • Lastly, telogen effluvium, is the type of hair loss which results from abrupt changes in the hair cycle of an individual. This is a type of hair loss which usually occurs when there is a sudden shock experienced by an individual. Their body, after going through shock, will start to halt the growth of hair prematurely. This can also happen if there is a lot of stress experienced, or if physical trauma has been undergone. Some situations which lead to this kind of hair loss include death, divorce or any other stressful situation. Health problems such as deficiency in nutrition, a rapid loss of weight or even fever can be attributed to it.

These are the common types of hair loss which people must know about in order to find treatment.

People who have issues with their scars only want one thing and that is to get rid of it. Only a few people like their scars. Most people hate their scars because it makes them look ugly.

It also makes them remember a bad memory in their lives. Because of this it is very important for them that they find ways to eliminate the scars that they have in their body.

These scars are something that really bothers many of them. It is a good thing that there are many scar treatment options that people can actually try in order to effectively remove their scars.

Here are some of those scar treatment options that would work for many kinds of scars.


Scar treatment creams are the most popular way of treating scars. This is the main reason why people actually work hard to have enough money to buy various scar treatment creams. These creams are very effective in many kinds of scars.

What these creams do is to just slowly make the scar fade away. In order for the scars to be removed, creams need to be applied on a very regular basis.

Sometimes, it actually takes months for the scar to fade away. Another thing about creams is that they only work for some scars but not all scars. Each cream has a different formulation.

Sometimes, one needs to try different creams in order to find the right cream that will produce the desired effects.

Skin grafting

When the creams are not working, a person with scars has limited options. Sometimes all the things that are available for them are limited to surgery. One of the most available options is skin grafting.

Skin grafting usually happens when the scar is small. What happens here is that the scarred skin is removed and new skin is placed. Skin grafting for scars is usually similar to skin grafting for burns.

Because skin grafting is a specialized technique, only a few doctors are able to do it perfectly.

Laser therapy

This is a fairly new way to treat scars. They are also limited to treating certain scars. Laser therapy works best when they are acquired in specialty clinics. Laser therapies are very effective in treating scars that creams cannot really deal with.

Unfortunately, laser therapy treatment for cars can be expensive. This is why scar treatment based on laser therapy is only used by a few people and they only go with it when they have no more options available.

Make up

When all else fails and their scars never go away, the only option that they have available is to hide it. This is why make up is the ultimate scar treatment option. When the scar can’t be removed, just hide it with makeup.

Scar treatment options are hard to pick when one is not familiar with them. This is why it is best that they actually seek out the advice of a dermatologist. Dermatologists are the best qualified person to help them.

Rosacea is a popular skin disease and if people ask about what is the main cause of such disease, people would definitely have a hard time answering such question.

The one thing that people would notice when they suffer from rosacea is the redness around the check as well as the ear area.

In case there are some people who are not aware of how rosacea goes, here are some things to consider:

  • Topical Creams are the most common ways of treating rosacea. These are available creams in supermarkets, drugstores or pharmacies so people would not have a hard time looking for them. The topical creams may not be the best ways of treating scars but the most important thing there is it helps alleviate the redness on the face.
  • Acne Medications can also help people who are suffering from rosacea. Many people might think why they could take advantage of acne medications well that is because rosacea can sometimes have that acne appearance. Using it may reduce the redness but it does not promise to get rid of rosacea easily or right away. What people can do is ask their dermatologist on what specific medications to use in treating it.
  • Isotretinoin is what most dermatologist use in treating rosacea. This is ideal in term of treating the worst types of rosacea or the severe redness. This medication should be used as per advice by a dermatologist because it is a bit strong and might irritate the skin.
  • Cortisone is also a great way to consider in treating rosacea. There are different types of cortisone so people just need to pick the ones recommended by their doctors so as not to harm the skin. The ones with the steroids are the best types since these are definitely a lot safe as compared to the strong ones.
  • Antibiotics are also great in alleviating the symptoms of rosacea. There are also different kinds of antibiotics and the ones that people should consider would be those oral antibiotics since these work best in treating the redness as well as the inflammation which are common signs of rosacea.
  • To treat minor rosacea, there are mild cleansers that people need to pick this is something that could be great in washing away the dirt on the face. Mild cleansers should be used instead of using soap since these are better in terms of treating mild kinds of rosacea.
  • People could also use different types of home remedies so people just need to look for home remedies that could be used in treating rosacea.

These are some of the options that people need to consider when trying to treat rosacea.

To those who are scared of trying these options out, what they can do is ask help from their dermatologist since these are experts that could provide their patients with proper recommendations in terms of looking for the perfect rosacea treatment.

These are some of the things that people could consider when treating rosacea.